Black lemur is born at Drusillas

Tsito the baby lemur with his mum
Tsito the baby lemur with his mum

A RARE black lemur has been born at Drusillas.

The young male has been called Tsito by zoo keepers and is making good progress under the watchful guidance of proud parents, Clementine and Lotfi.

Male black lemurs are all black with striking eyes, whilst females have a brown back, pale belly and whitish ear tufts. They are native to the forest areas of northern Madagascar where they are considered a vulnerable species, mainly due to hunting and the destruction of the habitat in which they live.

Black lemurs give birth to one or two babies at a time and the youngsters are carried around by their mother for up to six months. Tsito has just started to come off Clementine’s back for short periods of time, exploring the trees and ropes at Drusillas.