Black cats being left unwanted

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Unwanted black cats are being left on the shelf in Eastbourne and Hailsham by picky owners who see them as ‘less unusual’.

Cats Protection’s Eastbourne Adoption Centre is urging people to adopt a black cat as it struggles to care for growing numbers of them.

The branch is currently looking after 20 black cats and each one is waiting a week longer than average to find a home, costing the charity more money to look after them.

Mandy Clarke, from the centre, said, “We’ve always had a high proportion of black, as well as black-and-white cats, as they are a more common colour, but they are staying with us longer than ever before.

“We suspect the cause is the tough economic climate. Fewer cats are being adopted from us, and there may be a tendency to see black cats as less unusual so people pick out the tabbies and the gingers which catch the eye.

 “Whilst we are pleased to see each cat go to a loving home, we feel sorry for the black cats that are left on the shelf. It’s a great shame as they have just as much love to offer an owner as any other cat.”

Black, and black and white, cats in need of homes include Harry, Nutmeg, Boots, Star, Dave and Belle to include just a few.

“Some of these cats due to their colour and needs have been at the Adoption Centre for a year and are so desperately in need of someone to love them,” added Mandy.

The Eastbourne Adoption Centre is also urging people to upload photos of their black cat onto their Facebook page on October 27, as part of the charity’s national Black Cat Awareness Day.

“During a time of year when black cats are much talked about, we’d like owners to upload photos of their cat on and tell us a bit about them. It’s a nice way to mark the day as well as encourage other local cat lovers to give a home to a black cat.”

To adopt a black cat, call the Eastbourne Adoption Centre on 01323 440101. Further information about Cats Protection’s Black Cat Awareness Day can be found at

The centre’s Black Cat Awareness Day is being held on October 27 (12pm-3pm) at 63 Marshfoot Lane, Hailsham. There will be plenty of stalls and refreshments – and all the cats will be available for viewing.