Bishop Bell will try to welcome Megan back to school

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Bishop Bell is hoping to welcome back Megan Stammers after the teenager, who ran way with her maths teacher, was found safe and well in France.

The 15-year-old has been taken into protection and her maths teacher, 30-year-old Forrest, has been arrested on suspicion of child abduction.

The pair, who ran away together nine days ago, were found hand in hand in Bordeaux at around lunchtime today (Friday).

This follow emotional appeals from both sets of parents and an appearance from Megan’s father on Crimewatxh last night (Thursday).

Police said the continent-wide appeal for information led to a string of sightings.

Outside Bishop Bell School this afternoon, parents said they were please to hear Megan had returned home.

One parent, who didn’t want to be named, said, “I am really pleased Megan has been found and I just hope things can go back to normal now.

“There has been so much pressure for the teachers and it has been disruptive for the children. A lot of them think it is a bit of fun, especially for those who have spotted themselves on television. But those who knew her and the teachers who knew Mr Forrest feel upset, angry and betrayed by what he has done.”

The mother said television crews had been outside the school all week and added, “hopefully this will be the last day of it.”

She went on to say she felt Megan would be welcomed back by pupils and teachers alike.

The school is delighted to hear the news and put messages to Megan on its website.

They said, “Welcome home Megan

“Here are the messages posted from your friends and teachers who will be delighted to see you back.”

The website then has a list of messages including, “Please, please come home Megzy, we all miss you so much. Tutor is not the same without your smiley face and cute dimples.”

“Come home Meggles. We can’t be the gruesome 3 without you, and the Pasties are missing you.”

“Dear Megan. We miss you so much in the lessons. It is not the same.....too quiet. Come back SOON. From Mrs B. xx”

“I love you millions. Everyone’s here to support you when you come home.”

“You need to come back and sing ‘The Saturdays songs’ to me.”

“Megan I miss your cheeky smile when we have that daily joke about your painted nails. Your friends look so sad and are missing you, just like all of us at Bishop Bell. Please come back! Mrs O. x”

“Megzy, please come home! :-) I miss your morning texts and hugs. Hope you’re OK, nothing’s the same without you. I love you. Xxx”

Megan’s step dad, Martin Stammers, has been using Twitter all week to help spread the word and he immediately took to the site to express his relief after hearing she had been found.

Tweeting, Mr Stammers said, “Thank you everyone for everything, massive relief and thrilled to bits.”

Her sister Brooke added, “Absolutely on top of the world of the world right now, to know our Megan is safe and sound!”