Birds of a Feather star falls ill on stage in Eastbourne

Birds of a Feather star, Linda Robson, found herself fleeing into the wings after falling ill on stage in Eastbourne at the weekend.

Robson, who was performing in a stage adaptation of the hit BBC comedy, along with stars Pauline Quirke and Lesley Joseph, admitted on Twitter afterwards that she had endured the longest two hours of her life.

It was the last night of the Eastbourne run on Saturday at the Congress Theatre.

According to Stephan Butler, who was in the audience, Robson vomited on stage.

He said: “As Linda ran into the wings with her hand over her month - Pauline Quirke ran after her. Lesley Joseph, who was also on stage at the time, explained to the confused audience that Linda had not been feeling well, before the curtain came down.

“An announcement was made explaining what was going on, during which a request was made for anyone with medical training to make themselves known to the theatre.

“After a short intermission, Linda returned to the stage to raptourous applause.

“Pauline made some quip about not feeling hungry, and the performance picked-up where it left-off.”

Robson took to Twitter to thank the audience for their support. She wrote: “I was so ill didn’t know if I’d get through it sorry about throwing up on stage I tried to get off but thanks for sticking.”

And then this lunchtime, she added: “Feeling bit better but my daughter Bobbie been up all night so not food poisoning like I thought a bug it must be.”