Birds killed in “horrendous act” in Eastbourne

Sussex Police ENGSUS00120130402110931
Sussex Police ENGSUS00120130402110931

Wildlife rescuers are appealing for information after gulls were killed in Eastbourne in what has been called a “horrendous act of deliberate cruelty” at the weekend.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service volunteers were called to Prince William Parade on Saturday morning after three injured gulls were seen to be hit by a car.

The injured gull SUS-170424-102145001

The injured gull SUS-170424-102145001

Volunteer Tony Neads said people were seen throwing bread into the road to encourage the gulls to land in the road and then a car ploughed into them.

“A car ploughed into three gulls down on the road eating the bread killing one straight away and seriously injuring the other two,” said Mr Neads.

“The incident appears to have been a deliberate act of cruelty to cause the gulls to get run over.”

A loaf of bread was found on the wall by the road and segments of bread had be torn and thrown into the road.

“One gull had already died when we arrived,” said Mr Neads.

“This gull had severe fractures to both wings and a fractured skull. The second gull had a broken back and passed away on the way to the hospital. The remaining gull was in a critical condition and WRAS vets and care team worked on the gull for several hours to treat him, but sadly they lost the battle Saturday afternoon.

“We believe an offence has occurred under the Wildlife & Countryside Act and would urge any person who witnessed the incident to contact Sussex Police.”