Birds Eye memories appeal


An Eastbourne woman is appealing for former staff at the Birds Eye Factory to contact her as she researches her late father’s working life.

Gordon Clark, known as Nobby, worked at the frozen food factory in Lottbridge Drove where Tesco is now, from 1964 until it closed down in April 1987.

Nobby, who lived in Iden Street for 46 years and also worked at the Esperance, died in March last year and his daughter Tracy Davies is appealing for his former workmates to contact her with their memories and photographs.

In particular she is keen to find out what it was he was presented with in a photograph she has when he was working at the factory.

Tracy said, “My father worked there from January 1964 and was made redundant when the site closed down in April 1987. He used to bring hares home for us as kids which had been delivered with the runner beans, well, that was what he told us.

“Dad was a real character, known to be moody to those who worked with him, never liked the radio on in the workshop and always threated to put a hammer through it but he was also a real gentleman, a ladies’ man.”

Unfortunately Nobby passed away on March 22 2012 after suffering from dementia for nine years and a very short battle with lung cancer.

Tracy said, “The newspaper cuttings of Birds Eye Factory we got from Eastbourne library to display at Dad’s wake. Staff from Birds Eye attended Dad’s funeral but not all came back to the wake where we had on display the memorabilia and I would like to share this information and good memories.”
When her father went into a nursing home, Tracy put together a This is Your Life style book on his career but there is still a missing part of the jigsaw.

“I put together a memory book and one of the photos is Dad being presented with something at Birds Eye. I wonder if anyone knows what this was. Dad was a well know face to the town and I wonder if anyone has any stories about Dad they could share with me.”

Messages can be passed to Tracy through the Herald.