Bikers warned about park access

MOTORCYCLISTS are putting people in danger at a Seaford park.

Police were called to Chalvington Fields recreation ground last Wednesday (May 23) after being alerted by a member of the public.

Officers headed to the park, off Normansal Park Avenue, at around 7.30pm and arrested a young man and a youth on suspicion of drink driving. However after providing a negative breath test in custody the pair were released.

Anthony White, who is a Seaford Town Councillor and lives nearby, is concerned that if someone is knocked down by one of the bikes in the park then the ambulance service will struggle to access the area because of the location.

Last year a police helicopter airlifted a boy to hospital after he fell off the park’s climbing frame.

The Maple Fields resident said, “If they’re going to be doing this on the fields then they need to know the logistics of it.

“If it’s in the middle of the field the ambulance isn’t going to make it on the field and if they have an accident and the ambulance can’t make it then the police helicopter will have to be contacted.

“There are tracks they can go to for motor cycling. We don’t want them to get hurt and we don’t want other people getting injured for the sake of it either.

“About a year ago we had the police helicopter up there when a child fell from the climbing frame and it was dealt with and there’s been no more problems.

“We rely on the community to keep their eyes and ears open and if they seem something like this to contact the police.”

Police said the pair will be served with a warning and investigated for damage caused to the grass by a tree in the area.

The warning can be issued if an officer believed a motor vehicle is being driven carelessly or elsewhere than on a road. It can be used to initially give a written warning and on a subsequent occasion lead to the vehicle being seized.