Biker’s fatal crash remains mystery

AN EXPERIENCED and confident motorcyclist died when he lost control of his bike on the Polegate bypass, an inquest has heard.

Thirty-one-year-old Jason Hosker was riding towards Eastbourne in June when his front wheel began to wobble and his 700cc Yamaha fell over.

The mechanic managed to stagger to the side of the busy road but collapsed on the grass verge.

He was rushed to Eastbourne DGH for surgery but died from serious internal injuries. He had not been drinking.

At an inquest on Thursday witnesses told how they had seen Mr Hosker try in vain to right a wobble on his front tyre, which had occurred for no definitive reason.

Motorists Jamie Fears, Alfred Simcox and Sarah Laye, who were driving along the bypass said Mr Hosker wasn’t speeding and he had simply lost control of his bike.

David Dudley, a service manager at Wilmots Citroen where Mr Hosker worked, said new tyres Mr Hosker had bought from eBay and fitted on the bike himself were specialist ones which meant the bike could be ridden both on the road and off it.

Mr Hosker’s friend Daryl Holter said he was preparing to go on holiday to Spain and had fitted new tyres. He said, “Jason was a good and confident rider. We often used to go out riding. I can only assume something unsettled the bike which caused him to lose control.”

PC Chris Harrison, a police forensic crash investigator, said it would never be known what had caused the bike tyre to wobble.

Mr Hosker’s parents, brother and sister and his partner Emma Diplock attended the inquest.

Recording a verdict of death in a road traffic accident, coroner Alan Craze said, “We’ll never know what caused the wheel to wobble. He lost control of his bike and came off it. It is a tragic accident.”