Bike push protest along the seafront

Bespoke cycle campaign group
Bespoke cycle campaign group

Cyclists supporting Bespoke will walk along the prom with their bikes on Sunday (February 10) and are calling on others to join them.

The cycling campaign group has long been pushing for a cycle path along the seafront.

It is now possible to take to some parts of the promenade by bike, but Bespoke wants to see the stretch between The Wish Tower Slopes, passed Eastbourne Pier and down to Fisherman’s Green included in the town’s cycle network.

Bespoke hold regular mass bike rides to raise awareness of the group’s campaign but on Sunday they will be taking a different approach.

Felicity Goodson from bespoke said, “We will be walking along the seafront between the Wish Tower Slopes and Fishermen’s Green.

“We will push our bikes along with us and we are doing it to prove a point. We want to peacefully prove a point.”

Felicity will be clutching a banner for the walk which will have a Valentine’s theme.

She added, “The banner will read ‘Love my heart. Love my bike. Love my earth. Love my bank balance’. It covers all parts of our campaign.

“We really need a push on this cycle path along the seafront now. It has been going on for years.

“Eastbourne Borough Council is supportive but we really need to move forward with this.” Felicity and the Bespoke supporters will meet at the Wish Tower Slopes at 2pm on Sunday. They are hoping as many supporter, of all ages will join them. The group will then walk along the prom to Fisherman’s Green before turning round and cycling back up to the Big Sleep Hotel on the road.

As well as raising awareness for Bespoke, the ride will also celebrate the recent funding being put in to cycling facilities at Eastbourne Railway Station.

The town’s station will benefit from a £300,000 cycle hub for up to 250 bikes including a maintenance and repair facility. Bespoke and the funding has been welcomed by Eastbourne and Polegate MPs Stephen Lloyd and Norman Baker.