‘Beware fatal lilies’ is warning to cat owners


THE FATAL toxicity of lilies to cats is being highlighted by an Eastbourne vet after a local moggy died from contact with the flowers.

Sisco, a British shorthaired cat, sadly lost his life last week after his owner bought his wife a bunch of flowers.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of the dangers lilies pose to cats and Sisco became ill after trying to eat the pollen or the leaves.

The ill cat then collapsed and was rushed in to St Anne’s Vets. As the owners were unaware that lilies are poisonous to cats, they thought their beloved pet had been hit by a car.

Sadly, it was too late and vets were unable to save Sisco.

Menna Field from St Anne’s Veterinary Group, said, “We are now trying to increase the awareness surrounding lilies. It isn’t just the pollen that is deadly, it’s the entire plant.

“It is not clearly labelled in shops that the plants are toxic to cats and many people aren’t aware.

“Unfortunately, people don’t realise their pet has been poisoned and often mistake the symptoms with their cat being in a car accident.”

Vets say the symptoms, which include vomiting, depression and a loss of appetite, usually develop somewhere between 30 minutes and two hours after ingestion.

Menna explained, “Kidney failure quickly develops along with collapse and seizures.

“The quicker treatment can be delivered, the higher the success rate.”

Following Sisco’s sad story, St Anne’s is appealing for better labelling on lilies in an attempt to save the lives of cats.

Menna added, “We’re hoping to get the major supermarkets to label the flowers much more clearly.”