Better Life Dog Rescue

Jenny Davis (R) and Anna Stepney (L) and 'Tessa' a rescue dog with an amazing survival story. August 28th 2013 E35229P
Jenny Davis (R) and Anna Stepney (L) and 'Tessa' a rescue dog with an amazing survival story. August 28th 2013 E35229P

A dog who was rescued from the streets of Romania before going on the run in London for two weeks has now been given a new home in Langney.

Tessa, a 10-month-old mongrel, was rescued from life on the street by charity Better Life Dog Rescue and taken to foster carers Jenny Davis and her niece Anna Stepney in Langney.

Anna and Jenny, who have already adopted two dogs from Romania, took in Tessa to get her up to full strength before she went to her new home in London.

Tessa did well in Langney and on August 10 she was picked up by her new owners and went to live in Maida Vale. However, that night she escaped from the garden and spent 13 days on the streets of the capital.

Anna said, “The owners didn’t let us know until she had already been missing for 12 hours.

“We travelled to London and put up posters and started a huge search for the dog.”

People started to contact Jenny and Anna to tell them they had seen the dog, sending them across London and back again.

Anna said, “As soon as we got the phone call we headed up there to find her.

“All in all we spent nine of the 13 days searching the streets of London for Tessa.

“My aunty has rheumatoid arthritis so it was a major upheaval for her too.

“We took our dogs Eddie and Alice with us to leave scent marks as they had spent a lot of time with her when she was living at our house.”

Anna described the support from the public as ‘fantastic’ with people regularly phoning with sightings of the dog – sending them from Maida Vale to Holland Park and back again.

Anna said, “At one point we were told she was on Hammersmith roundabout and was running in the traffic which was really upsetting.”

At one point Anna and Jenny even caught a glimpse of little Tessa as they were caught in traffic around the Chelsea football ground but they were unable to catch her.

But with the support of the local community and London dog charities Anna and Jenny were reunited with Tessa.

Anna said, “We were in Holland Park when we saw her. I got out of the car and called for her and she just stopped, turned round and looked at me.

“My aunty was in the car and Tessa came back between the cars and straight in to my aunty’s arms.

“It was wonderful to have her back.”

Jenny has now adopted Tessa and she is back living in their Langney home.

Anna said, “My aunty said after all that running around, she is like gold dust and she is damn lucky to be alive too.”

Jenny and Anna have had flowers from Better Life to thank them for their efforts.

Tessa is no longer destined to live her life as a stray street dog.

After spending most of her life on the streets of Romania and London, she has now settled back in to her home in Langney and is getting on well with the other dogs.

Anna said, “It is like she has never been away and it is so lovely to have her back with us.”