Bespoke’s Be Safe, Be Seen campaign gets police grant

The Bespoke team with police
The Bespoke team with police

Eastbourne’s cycle campaign group has been given a £200 grant from Sussex Police.

Bespoke plans to use the money to buy lights for its ‘Be safe, Be Seen’ campaign.

Lee Osbourn from Sussex Police met members of Bespoke and presented them with the cheque recently.

Felicity Goodson said, “A lot of younger cyclists are cycling without lights and in dark clothing.

“ High vis clothing and lights are a must on the roads at night but high vis clothing in the day is highly recommended too.”

Felicity, who has used her bike as her main source of transport for many years, cycles around the streets of Eastbourne. She tries to make herself as noticeable as possible but says she knows from personal experience that she can not always be seen .

She added, “Even when seriously glowing during the day, I have had many a close shave on roundabouts and junctions.

“Consideration also for the car drivers who will be equally traumatised if they knock a cyclist down.”

Bespoke will hand the lights out to cyclists in a bid to encourage more Eastbourne residents on to their bikes.

She said, “Ultimately, Bespoke want a safe network of paths that will encourage more people out of their cars and onto bikes for the local trips.

“This will help in reducing pollution, congestion and improving the health of the town and their bank balance in these financially hard times.”