Bede’s art students are busy bees in aid of a Towner display

Bede's students
Bede's students

During the past few weeks, Bede’s First Year pupils have been busy creating a 3D exhibit for the Towner Gallery Schools exhibition.

Carol Parris, teacher of Art and Design at Bede’s, said, “Taking the theme of a structure which is unique to our school, we decided upon the bee hives down by the lake. There cannot be many schools with their own bees on site actively producing their own honey!

“The students were enthusiastic in their research, some were involved working directly on the decoration of the ‘shrine to the bee hive’ while others documented the process of research and looked at artists.”

“The structure of the main project was built in our DT department and some panels have been left transparent in order to view the smoke fired ceramic bees on display inside.”