Be vigilant against petrol thieves, warn police

THE RECENT mad dash to the petrol pumps to stock up on fuel may have eased but Eastbourne’s police are encouraging locals to be on the look out for fuel thieves.

With prices going up on an almost weekly basis, officers say they are seeing more and more people trying to steal petrol out of other people’s tanks.

The average car holds about £60 to £70 worth of fuel but can be emptied in just a few seconds.

However, as a police spokesman explained, by taking a few simple steps motorists can reduce the chances of being a victim.

They said, “Always use a locking fuel filler cap, park your vehicle in a well-lit public area or a secure car park.

“Thieves don’t like to be disturbed so the busier the area the better.

“Ask yourself: do you have to fill up before you leave the vehicle overnight?

“A simple knock against the side of the tank will give an indication of how much fuel is in your vehicle. If there’s not much to steal, the thief is likely to leave yours alone.

“Please be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police.”