Bayeux Tapestry should go to Pevensey '˜where it all began' says petition

Pevensey has staked its claim to the Bayeux Tapestry in a freshly-launched petition.

Thursday, 25th January 2018, 4:57 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:21 am
A section of the Bayeux Tapestry showing William landing in Pevensey

Locals believe the historic artwork should go to the place where it ‘all began’ as William the Conqueror originally landed and built his first English castle in the village – which is still around to this day.

Robert Slater, chairman of Pevensey Town Trust, said, “I know its a long shot but we are all hoping the Bayeux Tapestry should come back to Pevensey where it all began. After all William landed here and even built his first English castle in the village – so I think we have more claim than Hastings or Battle.”

Last week French president Emmanuel Macron confirmed plans to loan the priceless relic to the UK Government, when the museum it currently calls home closes for refurbishment in 2022.

The British Museum has already been tipped as front runner by many, but it may yet face competition as calls have been raised for the Bayeux Tapestry to go on display in 1066 Country. Battle and Hastings have already laid claims to it.

But Robert believes the tapestry should go in Pevensey Court House Museum, though he admits they would have to be ‘very imaginative’ to get all 70m of it on display.

He said, “It’s a bit tongue in cheek, we’re just saying ‘don’t forget Pevensey’. If the Normans hadn’t landed here the whole story wouldn’t have happened, it would have been completely different.

“It even says Pevensey on the tapestry. I believe it’s the only named place on the there.”

He explained why he believes it should got to 1066 Country rather than the capital, “London has everything really, it would just be another thing. Whereas down here we often miss out on the tourism because of the big budget and draw of London.”

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