Base jumper rescued at Beachy Head

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A base jumper was rescued from Beachy Head at 10pm last night (June 25).

Eastbourne Coastguard cliff rescue team were called to the incident just west of the Beachy Head lighthouse.

The team quickly got to the clifftop and were met by the injured base jumper’s friends.

Rescuers could see him on the beach, about 500 feet below, being tended to by a couple of fellow base jumpers.

The first informant at the cliff top reported that his friend, a man in his 30s, had some equipment failure and had made a bad landing.

The Coastguard Helipcopter and the Eastbourne lifeboat were requested to help with the rescue.

The coastguard cliff team rigged equipment at the cliff top and lowered a coastguard cliffman with a stretcher down to the injured man.

The Eastbourne Inshore Lifeboat arrived on scene and landed the Lifeboat doctor to help the man, who was reported to have broken his leg when he landed.

The Coastguard Helicopter arrived and lowered a winchman to the casualty. After consultation with ambulance staff at the clifftop, the base jumper was placed on a stretcher and winched into the helicopter. He was transferred to the Brighton Princess Royal Hospital for treatment.

The injured man’s fellow base jumpers and the coastguard cliffman were then taken off the beach by the Inshore Lifeboat and transferred to the Eastbourne All Weather Lifeboat and taken to Sovereign Harbour.

Stuart McNab, coastguard station officer, said, “Base Jumping is by it’s very nature a hazardous sport and accidents do happen.

“However, I would commend this party for the way they managed this accident, leaving someone at the clifftop to call and direct the emergency services and having people on the beach to help the injured man. Their input and control was an important aspect that enabled this incident to be quickly resolved.”