Banger boys are stars of the small screen


A team of banger racers and enthusiasts from Eastbourne are the stars of a new TV programme.

The first episode of Banger Boys was broadcast on satellite channel History last night and over the next seven weeks viewers can follow the ups and downs of life on the banger racing circuit.

The show focuses on The Dreamers Team from Eastbourne whose members are Vaughan Elms, Steve Anscombe, Philip Hampton and Mark Longhurst, Darren Terry-Brand, Mark Pope, Ashley Rumary and Louis Hazel.

Marrisse Whittaker from Orion Television, which made the series, said, “They were a great lot to work with – real stars and it’s an upbeat and positive series.

“The series will transmit world wide so the boys and Arlington Stadium are about to become quite famous.”

Marisse, the director, said, “Fasten your seatbelts, put on your safety helmet and get ready for the biggest of big bangs as Banger Boys crash on to your TV screens.

“Banger Boys has spectacular car stunts and tons of drama as the Dreamers team, led by champion racer Steve Anscombe (aka Cecil) transform cast-off scrap cars into highly tuned mean racing machines.

“Once the old wrecks have been rebuilt and given a new lease of life they head for the start line. Then it’s full on the accelerator as the banger cars enjoy their magnificent moment in the spotlight on a high speed racetrack.

“Banger Boys follows the Dreamers team as they track down, build, race and smash up cars, as well as exploring the bond that keeps this tightly knit family of racers and engineers together.”

The boys also now have their own dedicated Banger Boy page on the History channel website page with bloopers and various extra clips at

The show can be seen at 10pm on Thursdays on the History channel.