Bamboo present panda-s to zoo’s hungry family

Chaffin Deliver Bamboo for Red Pandas at Drusillas Park SUS-141024-091104001
Chaffin Deliver Bamboo for Red Pandas at Drusillas Park SUS-141024-091104001
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A zoo’s family of red pandas are rolling in bamboo thanks to a local firm of tree surgeons.

Keeping the red pandas satisfied with enough roots and shoots is an ongoing battle for Drusillas Park in Alfriston. The group’s appetite for bamboo is insatiable, with each individual consuming up to 2kg a day.

Fortuitously for Drusillas help was at hand when Chaffin Works responded to a direct appeal from zoo manager Sue Woodgate. The team was in the process of harvesting a large area of bamboo from a private estate in Sussex and were in a perfect position to help.

Managing director Tim Harry and tree surgeon David Sawyer made the delivery on Friday October 10, just in time for the pandas’ afternoon tea. The bamboo was served directly to the greedy group, who wasted no time in tucking in.

Dave Sawyer said, “Here at Chaffin we are delighted to help in any way and really pleased the pandas love the bamboo.

“Anything that comes up that any of animals will want, we will make sure we put it to one side for our favourite local zoo.”

Sue Woodgate added, “We are really grateful to Chaffin Works for taking the time and trouble to make this delivery.

“Our own plantation has been struggling to keep up with the pandas’ enormous appetite, especially since the birth of the twins earlier this year.

“It is fantastic when companies can work together to help each other like this and the bamboo has certainly been put to very good use.

“There was so much we were able to share it around our animals, filling up lots of grateful tummies within the Park.”