Autistic man’s degree delight

Logan Osborne has completed his MA SUS-150218-154213001
Logan Osborne has completed his MA SUS-150218-154213001

The proud parents of an autistic man who has completed his master’s degree say they hope their son’s achievements will give other families with autistic children hope.

Logan Osborne’s parents took him out of a special school for children with autism when he was young and sent him to Pevensey and Westham School. From there he continued in mainstream education and went on to Willingdon secondary and Sussex Downs College before gaining a place at Brighton University.

In 2013, Logan got his degree in geography and has now achieved an MA in geographical information systems and environmental management.

Christopher, Logan’s father, told the Herald, “Being autistic, this has been a real battle for him to achieve this.

“It may come as some comfort to other parents who have autistic children that, with the right support and a supportive family, nothing is impossible.”

Christopher praised the teachers and staff at SENCO, which stands for special educational needs coordinator, who have helped Logan through his education.

He added, “It has not been easy for him, as all parents with autistic children will realise.

“Their little habits, rituals, lack of contact with others and anxieties have all had to be overcome. But it shows it can be done.”