Author enjoys some stateside book success

Author James Lovegrove
Author James Lovegrove
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AN EASTBOURNE author has found success in the US with a novel which has cracked the New York Times best sellers list.

James Lovegrove, who lives with his family in Meads, is doing rather well across the pond with the latest in a series of intelligent all-action science fiction novels.

The Age of Odin, published by Solaris, has made it onto the influential New York Times best sellers list for paperback fiction and has attracted some very positive reviews along the way.

A Guardian reviewer cheekily described the book as ‘the kind of complex, action-oriented science fiction Dan Brown would write if Dan Brown could write’.

James told the Herald, “It’s not traditional sci-fi in any way.

“The series features the Pantheon of Ancient Gods and how the world would be if they were real and in charge of everything.

“I started with the Egyptians, then the Greeks, the current book is about the Norse Gods and the next one will be the Aztecs. It’s about the relationship between man and the Gods and how it evolved. The Pantheons were terrific because they had wonderful family inter-relationships and feuds, and these back-stories are weaved into my stories.”

The novel is the third volume of the Pantheon series, a collection of related, but stand-alone novels. In addition to exploring challenging notions about deities, the books also features plenty of good old-fashioned page-turning action.

So far, readers have been been treated to an armed uprising against distant but powerful Egyptian divinities in The Age of Ra and a high-powered scrap between battle-suited humans and super-heroic Greek gods in The Age of Zeus.

On the subject of the book’s success James said, “It seems to be doing pretty well and better than any of my other books have done in the past. The major difference is that it’s available in the States, which is great because the market there is 10 times the size of the British market.

“I have no idea why it’s doing well. People seem to have just found it. I think it’s been word of mouth and that’s much more gratifying than when it does well on the back of huge promotional budget.

“The Harry Potter books and Stieg Larsson’s Dragon Tattoo series both had minimal promotional campaigns when they began but then broke through by word of mouth. I hasten to add my novel isn’t doing quite so well.”

James, who was born in Lewes, had his first novel published in 1990 and has been ‘quietly beavering away’ ever since, penning more than 35 books. His career to date has included traditional science fiction novels for adults and a successful fantasy series for teenagers, and 10 novels for dyslexic young readers.

James came to Eastbourne three years ago with his wife Lou and sons Monty and Theo, and the family is very happy with life on the Sunshine Coast.

He said, “I love the place because it’s so unspoilt. You can look around the seafront and it looks much the same as it did in the 1930s.

“I like living in a town that’s reasonable size but isn’t a city, and everyone seems really pleasant.”