Asbestos reassurance after school teacher’s pay out

Ratton School
Ratton School

The education authority has reiterated its commitment to asbestos management in school buildings in light of the out-of court settlement to the widow of a Ratton school teacher who died from an asbestos-related death.

East Sussex County Council says all of its owned and occupied buildings, including schools, are surveyed by specialist licensed consultants for asbestos containing materials on a regular basis through a rolling programme.

The authority has just made an out-of-court settlement to Sue Beck, of Kings Drive, whose husband Clive was head of history at Ratton School between 1972 and 1998.

Mr Beck died at the age of 71 in April 2009, around 18 months after he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an incurable cancer of the lining of the lung.

Mrs Beck, 70, launched a legal bid against the county council over concerns more could and should have been done to protect her husband from inhaling asbestos fibres at the school during his career.

This week a spokesman said, “We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for pupils to learn and for employees to work.

“Where asbestos containing materials are identified in any of our buildings they are removed or encapsulated through a controlled and managed process to minimise risk.”