Are you due inheritance from a long-lost Eastbourne relative?


The list of unclaimed estates has been updated by the government and includes a number of Eastbourne residents who died without making a will.

Anyone who dies intestate has their financial affairs handled by the Government Legal Department, which was known until recently as the Treasury Solicitor.

If there are any living relatives, the inheritance will go to them. But if no one can be found, the money goes straight to the Treasury.

It banked more than £14 million in unclaimed inheritances in 2013-14. But relatives have 12 years to come forward and claim their inheritance and will be paid interest on the money.

The ultimate deadline is 30 years, but it is at the discretion of the Government Legal Department and no interest will be paid for the final 18 years.

The latest list, which includes some historic cases in Eastbourne, can be found here

It is the responsibility of claimants to identify their relationship to the deceased and then to submit documentary evidence, including ID documents, to prove that relationship.