Archaeological dig begins near Kings Drive

AN EXCAVATION aimed at unearthing medieval treasures in underway - and organisers are confident it will turn up some interesting artefacts.

The dig, which was funded by a £73,800 grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is taking place on the Rodmill Estate between Burton Road and Kings Drive and continues for the rest of the month, after which the team will pack up and move elsewhere in the town.

The area was once the site of a building which experts believe dated back to the medieval times, which was later subdivided and given the name Pococks Cottages. The dig will try to identify the origins of the buildings and establish whether this could have been the main house of the lost Manor of Radmeld-Bevington.

It is also hoped the dig will discover more about what life was like for the people of Medieval Eastbourne. Throughout the four-week dig 80 volunteers will be trained in archaeological techniques and practices such as drawing, surveying and excavation.