Appetite for bamboo creating panda-monium

The red panda at Drusillas
The red panda at Drusillas
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Drusillas zoo is appealing to local gardeners for any fresh bamboo they can spare following a new arrvial.

Qiu the red panda was rehomed from Les Sables Zoo in France on September 21 and has settled in well.

Originating from areas of China and Nepal, these cuddly animals consume a huge amount of bamboo as their staple diet.

The zoo team ordered plenty of bamboo plants prior to Qiu’s arrival but due to a delayed shipment from Italy, they are running low.

There are pellets that she can eat, but so far she has turned her nose up at them in preference to any fresh food on offer.

Zoo manager Sue Woodgate said, “We are absolutely delighted with our new arrival.

“Qiu is currently completing the required six months in quarantine behind the scenes at Drusillas.

“We will be building her a brand new enclosure over the coming months and hope to have her on show to our visitors for Easter.

“Normally we would look to our own grounds to supply the required bamboo but our gardening team have now had to ask us to stop raiding their bamboo as there is very little left.”

If you do have any donations of bamboo, call Drusillas Zoo on 874100.