Appeal to find devastated autistic boy’s missing cat

Tealeaf the missing cat
Tealeaf the missing cat

The family of a heartbroken autistic teenager is desperately appealing for information after his beloved cat went missing.

Tealeaf, a Birman cat, disappeared from Sharon Baily’s home in Haystoyn Close last Monday (August 5) and she said his departure has left her 16-year-old son Kieran devastated. Sharon, who said she had contacted vets, put out posters and put details on Facebook, added, “I got the cat because of my son being autistic.

“The cat sleeps with him and a lot of communication with Kieran is through the cat.

“He is devastated.”

Tealeaf is five-years-old and is chocolate and cream in colour, with big blue eyes. He weighs two stone, has a broken tip of the tail and a twisted back.

Sharon believes Tealeaf, who has special dietary requirements, could have been taken in by somebody or travelled quite a distance from the home.

She added of the house cat, “He’s never been out at all and his sister Tallulah has been pining for him.

“They have been together the whole time. He’s such a big loss in our house.

“I’ve been to the vets and double-checked with them. I think he could have travelled as far as Langney.

“I’m in a right state.”

Her sister Geri Jago added, “The cat means so much to Kieran.

“My sister has been around with leaflets, called vets and catteries to find him.”

The family is willing to give a financial reward for the safe return of the cat.

Anyone with information should call Sharon on 07738 248636.