Antiques Roadshow aired

BBC Antiques Roadshow recording at Eastbourne Bandstand May 23rd 2013 E21073P
BBC Antiques Roadshow recording at Eastbourne Bandstand May 23rd 2013 E21073P

The BBC’s Antiques Roadshow which was filmed at the Bandstand earlier this year was aired on television at the weekend.

Thousands of people queued in the rain to get their artefacts examined and valued by the show’s experts as crews filmed at the seafront location in May and the programme was shown on BBC One on Sunday night.

Among the finds by presenter Fiona Bruce and the team was a tombola containing tickets bought by politicians the night of the fatal IRA bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton, a collection of never seen before photos of superstar Marilyn Monroe worth an estimated £80,000 and emerald jewellery valued at more than £60,000.

The programme started with a brief history of the town before experts Judith Miller, David Battie, Will Farmer, Joanna Hardie and Ronnie Archie Morgan chatted to people who had brought along their valuables.

A painting by Yorkshire artist Peter Brook of a Yorkshire mill bought for £35 was valued at £4,500, a wine funnel made in London in 1851 was valued at £1,000, a set of Chinese ivory wrist rests valued at £3,000, a collection of cigar box labels bought for £5 in 1989 valued at £600, a rum mixing barrel believed to have come from the Terra Nova and used by Scott of the Antarctic was valued at around £6,000 and a collection of more than 1,000 Russian figurines – left to the children of a couple who both died of cancer - were valued at around £100 a piece.

One of the most interesting finds of the day was the tombola which was taken along to the Bandstand by Bob Guy, who owns Pest Control Direct and bought the tombola and tickets inside for around £200 at a charity event some years ago. Names on the tickets inside include Margaret Thatcher, Norman Tebbit, Michael Heseltine, Geoffrey Howe and other prominent politicians who were at the Grand Hotel when it was bombed by the IRA.

The other interesting find was a D-Day beacon lamp used to coordinate landings at D Day owned by Eastbourne man Martin Billenness.