Ansell says MPs must respect referendum result after Brexit ruling

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell has spoken out about the ruling today
Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell has spoken out about the ruling today

Caroline Ansell has spoken out about the High Court ruling today (Thursday, November 3) that parliament must vote on whether to trigger Article 50.

This means the government cannot start the process of leaving the European Union on its own.

The Eastbourne MP said, “The High Court judgement today serves to highlight the fact we are now in unprecedented terrain but, my feeling is, not much has really changed.

“I have thought all along a Parliamentary vote to trigger Article 50 is not controversial and should happen as it’s simply the starting gun to negotiations on our exit from the EU.

“This ruling does not substantially change the political landscape either. MPs of all parties and both Leave and Remain persuasions must be obliged to respect the referendum result. To do otherwise would be extraordinary and would have severe repercussions for Parliament and the country.

“On the wider question of voting on negotiating terms, which was not the subject of today’s ruling, there will be close scrutiny by Parliament throughout the process and this too is the right approach.

“But actual decision making by a committee of 650 MPs on such a huge and complex issue cannot be the best way forward.

“To do so risks derailing the process and causing massive uncertainty and great resentment in the country.

“Parliament must have a role, but we must ensure that role is appropriate and always mindful of the clear June 23 mandate.”