Another chapter for the Archery Archives

Archery Youth Club
Archery Youth Club
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THE ARCHERY Youth Centre in Eastbourne has been transformed into a giant copy of the Herald for its anniversary celebrations.

The entire outside wall of the building in Seaside has been covered with newspaper stories of events which have happened at the centre since its opening.

It has been done for the Archery Archives anniversary event and as part of the Eastbourne Festival.

In previous years the building has been transformed into railway arches, boom boxes, and an interpretation of the famous Sergeant Pepper’s album artwork.

Since the festival kicked off last month, the centre has been displaying an exhibition of people’s memories, newspaper clippings and photographs of the youth centre and how it has always been an integral part of the community.

Several events have already been held for people to get together to take a trip down Memory Lane including Drop In Days and last week a reunion roller disco was held.

Debbie Cadwallender, art co-ordinator at the centre, said, “The most enjoyable part has been meeting old members, listening to their stories and memories and looking through the hundreds of photographs taken over the decades. 

“We hope people will drop in to the exhibition, have a chat and share their memories of the youth centre or living in the Archery area.”

The centre was opened after a vicar in the Seaside area saw the need for a youth club in that part of the town.

The vicar was the Rev Hellaby, formerly vicar of St Andrew’s in Norway Road.

Rev Hellaby originally opened the Norway Youth Club in his church hall but it soon became terribly over-crowded and inadequate. and he discussed the possibility of the church and council combining to find bigger and better premises.

The council and church worked together and the centre became a reality.

The exhibition is open on Saturday, May 14.