Ann is a winner for St Wilfrid’s

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The winning entry of Rager & Roberts’ property valuation competition was won this year by Ann Harrison of Meads who selected St Wilfrid’s hospice from the three nominated local charities to receive Rager & Roberts’ donation.

Ann was the deserving winner of a magnificent Fortnum & Mason Christmas Hamper.

The total sum of the properties displayed in the competition was £19,124,500 and Ann’s entry was a mere £8,500 short.

Richard Rager was extremely impressed by the accuracy of her entry.

The average entry was short of the actual figure by £1,735,000 and only 17 per cent of the entries exceeded the correct total.

Richard Rager was surprised that most estimates were consistently well below the true figure for this annual competition but he couldn’t remember a year when the average entry was in excess of the achieved sum.

Richard continued, “We hope that next year’s competition result will, yet again, show that at Rager & Roberts we secure results in excess of what is normally expected.

“It has been a lot of fun putting this competition together and we are glad that such a large number of people enjoy participating.”