Animals keep cool with ice lollies and hair cuts

A llama enjoys getting a trim
A llama enjoys getting a trim

THE ANIMALS at Drusillas have been keeping cool during the recent spell of good weather with ice lollies and hair cuts.

Staff have been making sure the animals all have plenty of fresh water but have been taking extra steps too as temperatures hit 25 degrees.

Alpacas, Clive and Rufus, and llamas, Diamond and Tori have received a visit from the shearer and are now sporting their airier summer coats. Llamas and alpacas both have very woolly fleeces, which need to be shorn every couple of years.

Meanwhile kune kune pigs Rusty, Peppa and Porker have also had an extra pampering. Keepers have been applying high factor sun cream to their bodies while the racoons and primates have been enjoying some giant lollipops made from frozen fruit.

The otters have also received ice blocks made of fish to keep them cool and also encourage them to work a little harder for their food as they would in the wild.

The zoo’s ring-tailed lemurs have been making the most of the sunny spell and have been sunbathing in a lotus-style position, with their arms and legs extended.