Animal ban for man who kept dog in squalor


An Eastbourne man has been banned from keeping animals for 10 years after his emaciated dog was found to be suffering with a skin disease in a filthy back yard.

Jack John Tame, 30, of Walton Close, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to his pet called Zabi when he appeared at Hastings Magistrates’ Court on March 4.

As well as the ban, he was also given a six-month community order and ordered to pay £1,300 in costs.

The RSPCA was called in August last year following concerns about the dog, now called Major. He was found to be in a very neglected state in an outside space full of rubbish and faeces.

Inspector Zoe Ballard said, “The dog and his conditions were appalling and it was clear he had been in this poor state for some time.

“Poor Major was suffering badly from an untreated skin condition which had caused hair loss and he was extremely thin – it was heartbreaking to see.

“The filthy conditions he was being forced to live in were horrendous – there was faeces and rubbish scattered everywhere.

“It was striking for me to see the contrast between this horrible outside and the lovely clean inside of the house – clearly no care had been taken to make this a nice environment for the dog at all.

“What is lovely about this story though is that there is a happy ending now. Major has made a good recovery in RSPCA care and is now ready for rehoming.”

Major is now being cared for at the RSPCA’s animal centre at Patcham while a new home is being found.

Jenny Wells, manager at the Patcham centre, said, “He is a lovely dog and it is great we can now search for a fabulous new home for him. He has quite the eye for the ladies, and has several girlfriends among the other dogs we have here. They all seem to have fallen in love with him! We think he would easily fit into a family that has a dog, although would be ok on his own too.”