Anguish after husband buried in ‘wrong plot’

Hailsham Cemetery SUS-150416-145215001
Hailsham Cemetery SUS-150416-145215001

A recently widowed woman says she has experienced further anguish after claims that her husband has been buried in the wrong plot at Hailsham Cemetery.

Mary Lower lost her husband Andrew Lower on March 24.

The 58-year-old’s funeral took place at Hailsham Cemetery Chapel on April 8.

Following the funeral, Mr Lower was to be buried next to his uncle in Halisham Cemetery.

However, Mrs Lower says she has discovered her husband has been buried in the wrong plot in the cemetery on Ersham Road and was not next to his uncle as she and her family had requested.

Mrs Lower says Andrew was supposed to be buried in plot 6151 but was in fact laid to rest in plot 6051.

Mrs Lower shared her anguish on social media and referred to the mistake made at the burial ground as a ‘huge cock-up’.

On Facebook, she posted, “Found out Andrew should have been buried in 6151 and is in 6051.

“Now have to get permission from the Diocese and the Home Office to move him to his place of rest.

“I have asked exactly how this mistake could have happened so no poor soul has to endure the pain this huge cock- up has caused me.”

She also added, “I wouldn’t believe it could happen.

“The council have made a huge mistake and Andrew has been buried in the wrong grave.

“How can life be so cruel.”

The Herald contacted Hailsham Town Council but its spokesperson declined to comment. The Diocese of Chichester was unable to comment on this particular case. The Herald understands signatures of close relatives, the owner of the grave plot and the burial authority are needed when appealing for an exhumation licence.