Angry motorists abusive to Speedwatch volunteers in Seaford

Speedwatch volunteers in Seaford have been threatened by angry motorists in the town.

Community Speedwatch is a nationwide police run initiative which uses volunteers to highlight speeding problems in the area, remind drivers what the limit is and promote safer driving.

But while the scheme in Seaford has been mainly well received there have a been a number of isolated incidents with reports of motorists being abusive and threatening.

Seaford Police Sergeant Stuart Mullins said, “This sort of behaviour is regrettable as Community Speedwatch is run by volunteers who are giving up their time to make their own communities safer.

“I want to remind people that these speed checks are sponsored by the police in partnership with Seaford Town Council. The volunteers are working with us to help their community and should be treated respectfully.

“Few motorists would dream of being abusive to Police Officers carrying out speed checks so I’m not sure why a very small minority think it is acceptable to do this to the volunteers.

“Thankfully the incidents are isolated but leave no doubt that as and when these incidents occur those responsible will be traced and dealt with for public order related offences and anti social driving.”

If someone is caught speeding they will be sent an advisory letter with a warning that if they are caught again they could end up being prosecuted for anti-social driving or being targeted by the Sussex Police Roads Policing Department.

In Seaford Community Speedwatch is run by the police in partnership with the Town Council who funded the equipment that is used. While the Seaford team has been running for some time it was recently been re-launched by local Police Community Support Officer Noel Daniels, which has seen an increase in the number of checks being carried out and an rise in the number of motorists being recorded driving over the speed limit.

Anyone interested in joining the Seaford Community Speedwatch should contact PCSO Noel Daniels at Seaford Police Station.