Anger over dropped kerb flooding in town centre

A drop kerb by Eastbourne Railway Station
A drop kerb by Eastbourne Railway Station

An angry resident has taken a series of snaps showing dropped kerbs across the town centre becoming flooded when it rains.

Jeff Larmour said a light shower leads to a number of roads in Eastbourne becoming water-logged.

The Upperton Road resident said, “They are guaranteed every time it rains to flood.

“We don’t need to have heavy rain for it to flood.

“Mums with babies in prams can’t cross the road or they have to go around the side of it which is dangerous.

“We pay our council tax and it would be good for money to be spent on a job being done properly.”

The 59-year-old said a number of roads in the town were affected including Cornfield Road leading into Terminus Road, the junction of Upperton Road and The Avenue and outside the dry cleaners by Eastbourne Railway Station (pictured here).

Roger Williams, East Sussex County Council head of highways, said, “We appreciate the public bringing this issue to our attention and we are sorry that our customers have been inconvenienced in this way.

“We will investigate why this flooding has occurred and will get it resolved.

“We would always encourage our customers to tell us about issues directly so we can deal with them in a more efficient manner.”

The bad weather has also led to an increase in potholes across the county.

But last month the county council said it was ‘winning the war’ against potholes in East Sussex, with around 400 being repaired each day.