Anger over bus signs breakdown

Bus information display system not working in Terminus Road. January 24th 2013 E04109P
Bus information display system not working in Terminus Road. January 24th 2013 E04109P

News that the bus information signs in Eastbourne will be out of order for the next two years has been slammed by council leader David Tutt.

Stagecoach and East Sussex County Council recently revealed the Real Time signs above the bus stops across the borough had broken down some time ago and would not be fixed as they want to invest the money instead in a county wide scheme.

That decision has angered locals who say they now have no idea what buses are coming or what time and has been described as pathetic by Eastbourne Borough Council boss David Tutt, who says money collected by the council from the town’s unpopular pay to park scheme should be ploughed into repairing the information boards.

“We were promised by the county council when it brought in its pay to park scheme in Eastbourne that the money it collected would be used to pay for this sort of thing. It’s absolutely pathetic.

“The fact the signs are not working creates a bad impression of Eastbourne for visitors and it means residents are less likely to travel by bus.

“The county council’s policy is to try and encourage people to travel by bus and other forms of public transport but this is a huge disincentive. I shall be taking this up with the county council.”

Last month county council officials admitted the signs had been out of order for some time and a spokesperson said because it was prone to breakdown, it would not be repaired.

The spokesperson added, “The Real Time information system used in Eastbourne is based on old technology, is prone to breakdown and is also increasingly expensive to maintain.

“As a result, both the council and Stagecoach are concentrating our efforts on the initiative to upgrade the Real Time system in East Sussex.

“We are in the early stages of this but we currently envisage that the new Real Time system will be introduced within the next two years.”