Anger as dogs are dumped at side of road

AN ANIMAL lover who helped rescue two dogs which were dumped by the side of a busy road is urging people to be more responsible with their pets.

Sally Thomas was near the Thoroughbred pub, by the A27 and A22 junction, when she spotted the dogs running around a nearby yard.

Assuming they belonged to the business she told a nearby employee to close the gates but discovered the animals were nothing to do with them.

The dogs then scarpered across the road, dodging traffic and almost causing an accident.

Ms Thomas soon found another passer-by trying to catch them and together, the pair managed to tempt both dogs into the back of her car and call police – who quickly came and fetched them, not knowing where they had come from.

However, a nearby dogwalker revealed the animals had been dumped on the roadside by a black car – and Ms Thomas says she is disgusting by the actions of the dogs’ former owners.

“It is a wicked thing to do,” she told the Herald.

“Not only was it dangerous for the dogs, which could have been killed, but it could have caused a big accident. It really does beggar belief.”

And the Westham resident, who owns a rescue dog called Geezer, said people should be more responsible and that if they find they can no longer cope with a pet, hand it in to a rescue centre rather than just dump it on a roadside.

“I cannot understand how someone could do this,” she continued.

“These must have been someone’s pet and I cannot imagine why they would leave them somewhere where they were in danger.”

Eastbourne and the surrounding area is well-served with rehoming centres, including Raystede in nearby Ringmer which regularly takes in animals of all shapes and sizes when owners are struggling to cope.

Like other similar facilities, Raystede operates a strict interview process when assessing prospective new owners and any animal left at the shelter is well looked after.

For that reason, Ms Thomas hopes locals will think twice before taking on an animal they may not be able to look after and that if they find themselves unable to cope, take their pet to someone who can house it in a safe environment.

“With Christmas coming up it is more important than ever that people think carefully before deciding whether or not go take on a dog,” she said.

“People’s circumstances can change and dogs don’t stay cute puppies for ever.

“I love my dog and I was his fourth owner in one year when I got him from a rescue centre.

“If you need to give up your animal, do the responsible thing and hand it in.”

Anyone who is struggling with their dog, or who perhaps wants to adopt a rescue dog, cat or small furry, should ring Raystede on 0182584 0252 for more information or visit its website at