And this little pigeon went... bargain hunting

Poundland Pigeon, Eastbourne
Poundland Pigeon, Eastbourne

A WOOD pigeon had to be rescued from in among the bargains after getting stuck cooped up behind a shelf in Poundland.

The bird had staff in all a flutter after wandering into the Terminus Road shop on Sunday July 29 – much to the surprise of shoppers.

Volunteers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called to help rescue the juvenile wood pigeon, which had walked through the front door before getting frightened, flying up to a shop shelf and then falling down behind it.

Rescuers Trevor Weeks MBE and partner Kathy Martyn had a job on their hands to free the bird, but Mr Weeks could at least see the funny side of it.

He joked, “After releasing quite a few casualties back to the wild over the past couple of weeks, we decided to go shopping for more casualties today, funds are tight at the moment so trying to keep costs down and looking for a bargain we visited Poundland.

“I’m not sure why the pigeon entered the store, I did wonder if it was looking for a pet shop.

“On a more serious note –using a ladder I was able to look down the back of the wall unit and using a torch I could see the pigeon right at the bottom at floor level stuck between the shelving unit and the wall of the store.

“I was really unsure of how we were going to get to the bird as the staff at the store did not think it was possible to get behind the unit from the bottom.

The WRAS pair cleared the sweets from a section of the shelving and took away the shelves and luckily found a metal plate which they were able to unscrew.

“This left a 2.5 inch gap under the shelving and Trevor and I were just about able to get our fingers under to hold the pigeon and slowing and carefully manoeuvre the pigeon out, explained Miss Martyn.

The pigeon was checked over and found to have a minor wound to one leg and was taken back to the WRAS headquarters for treatment.

“We have told the pigeon he should have gone to Specsavers,” added Miss Martyn.

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