Amused or annoyed

I do not know whether to be amused or annoyed at the contents of some of the recent letters about the type of shops suitable for the Eastbourne area.

I trust Mr Wilkinson (Eastbourne Herald October 19) had his tongue in his cheek when writing about Tesco deliveries in the dark or visits by Harrods vans.

However, if anyone seriously believes that shops like Poundland and/or charity shops should be banned, have they considered that a town full of upmarket shops would be of little use to those of limited means?

There is nothing wrong with essential articles like kitchen ware or toiletries being offered at an affordable price, or in supporting good causes through the use of charity shops.

Those who feel demeaned by the presence of Poundland, etc. should consider moving to an area where all the residents are well-heeled, perhaps Beverley Hills, Hollywood, USA?

YVONNE PUTTEE, The Triangle, Willingdon.