Ambulance trust launches sepsis awareness campaign

Paramedics SUS-141027-154844001
Paramedics SUS-141027-154844001

South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) is launching an awareness campaign of a little known potentially life-threatening condition.

The Trust is undertaking a week-long social media awareness campaign on Twitter of sepsis as part of a new sepsis pathway that it is introducing at the beginning of November.

Sepsis kills about 37,000 people in UK every year which is more than lung, colon and breast cancer and with every hour that passes without antibiotic treatment, a sepsis sufferer’s mortality increases nearly eight per cent.

In sepsis, the body’s immune system goes into overdrive, setting off a series of reactions including widespread inflammation, chemical release and blood clotting dysfunction.

The #SecambCodeYellow campaign is aimed at making people aware of the condition and the need to get sufferers quickly to hospital for treatment.

SECAmb paramedic Daniel Dodd said, “I’m delighted that people are beginning to sit up and take notice of the potential dangers associated with sepsis and that we are putting in place a tool kit which will support our staff in providing the very best care for sepsis sufferers.”

More information about sepsis can be found on the UK Sepsis Trust website ( and any questions can be emailed to