Ambulance staff to give insight into their work

Ambulance staff are taking to social media to give people a glimpse of the sort of work they do on an average day.

Users of Twitter can follow the goings on at South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAMB) between Monday, December 17 and Friday, December 21 – with a different part of its service featuring on each day.

By following @secambulance anyone signed up to the social networking website can read regular updates from the trust, with the A&E crew kicking things off on the Monday.

On Tuesday the Twitter account will follow a specialist paramedic’s shift and on Wednesday it will Tweet from a Make Ready Centre. On Thursday the Trust will join and Tweet from a Patient Transport Service shift and on Friday, which is expected to be one of the services busiest days of the year, it will Tweet live from one of its emergency operations centres.

SECAMB’s head of communications Janine Compton said, “We hope that our plans will give the public a real insight into the way a modern ambulance service works. It’s a really useful communications tool and improves our links with a whole range of groups.”