Alice marks incredible 106 years with afternoon tea

Alice Parkin turned 106 on Saturday, May 24. SUS-140527-103714001
Alice Parkin turned 106 on Saturday, May 24. SUS-140527-103714001

Alice Parkin celebrated her 106th birthday in style at the Grand Hotel last weekend and upon looking back, insisted she would not change a thing about her remarkable life.

Alice grew up in an affluent area of London with her parents, Alice and William John Robertson, and her sister Grace, who now shares a flat with Alice and is herself 102 years old.

Despite her years, Alice still vividly remembers her childhood. She said, “It was such a lovely area to grow up in. It had cobbled streets back then and we lived just 15 minutes from Hyde Park in one direction and 15 minutes from Regent’s Park the other way. On Sunday evenings, we would put a joint of meat in the oven and take a walk around Hyde Park. On one Sunday evening, we were out walking when the Queen’s mother came out of a house in Hyde Park and greeted us.”

Alice, who worked as a secretary for much of her life, married Percy Parkin in 1941 and enjoyed many blissful years before he passed in the 1990s. It was after this that Alice moved down to Eastbourne with Grace and they moved into a flat in Andwell Court, part of the Retirement Lease Housing Association Group (RLHA).

Alice was joined by a wealth of family and friends for afternoon tea at the Grand Hotel on Saturday (May 24) and received her third telegram from the Queen that morning.

She said, “I don’t know what the key to longevity is but I had a very fortunate upbringing and am lucky now to have so many wonderful friends. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life.”