ALFRISTON: Temporary barriers bid to sort traffic problems

TEMPORARY road traffic barriers will be put in place in Alfriston at the end of May.

The move comes after dozens of concerns from villagers about vehicles damaging buildings, pavements and also near misses with residents and visitors.

Save Alfriston For Everyone (SAFE) has held a series of meetings to discuss the matter and invited Seaford MP Norman Baker, as well as representatives from East Sussex County Council to come along.

A traffic experiment took place in 2009 where signals were installed in the village for 10 days to control the flow of vehicles in the narrowest part of the village.

Traffic was also monitored for three weeks which on average showed 4,500 vehicles passed through the village in a 24 hour period.

Now a similar method is taking place in the village again.

Temporary barriers will be placed in the road from May 23 against the kerb edge and additional signs will ask drivers to give way to oncoming traffic.

Dr June Goodfield, chairman of SAFE, said the purpose of the experiment was to see if drivers gave way to oncoming motorists.

She added, “The SAFE campaign appeals to all drivers to understand the problems the village faces and urges patience, not only during the experiment, but whenever driving through Alfriston.

“They will always be able to get through - and though when protection is in place it will take longer - everyone will be much safer.”

Last year a father from Litlington who was walking in the village with his family, said it was lucky that his partner had not been carrying their baby daughter when a car mounted the pavement in Alfriston and clipper her.

Robin Dally was left outraged by the incident in September when his partner Ros Howell was struck by a car that failed to stop.

At the time Mr Dally had been carrying their little one Rosa Dally in a front sling.