Alfriston, Hellingly and Horsebridge issued flood warnings

Surface flooding on roads SUS-150801-115102001
Surface flooding on roads SUS-150801-115102001

Flood warnings have been issued for Alfriston, Horsebridge and Hellingly this morning (January 9).

The Environment Agency issue the warnings, which are one step up from a flood alert, after heavy rainfall yesterday.

It said, “River levels through Alfriston are still rising following heavy rainfall. The water already in the system has the potential to lead to further river level rise. Water levels will already be high up the banks and if river levels continue to rise isolated properties may be affected by flooding in Alfriston overnight.”

For Hellingly and Horsebridge, it said, “Although river levels on the Cuckmere are falling, river levels on the Bull River tributary are still rising.

“Levels are rising slowly but may creep up a further 30 centimetres in the next few hours.

“Gardens and properties in Hellingly along Church Lane and Station Road are most likely to be affected.”

A flood alert is still in place for the Cuckmere river area.