Airstream cafe is a “blot on landscape”


As controversy grows over the American style Airstream at the Wish Tower, council bosses have unveiled the design of what will take its place in the summer.

The Airstream will be in place in time for this Easter weekend and offer drinks and snacks to visitors along the promenade until July.

In the meantime a new cafe will be built behind it which will remain in place until a final permanent eatery is designed and built.

The news the gleaming American Airstream is to be placed in such a prominent seafront location has been given a luke warm reception.

Bought by Eastbourne Borough Council at a cost of £36,000, the unit has been described as a garish and shiny” blot on the landscape by critics who wanted to see something more visually pleasing on the site.

Council officials say the brand new unit will create a new revenue stream for the authority as well as bringing an unusual attraction to the town.

The original Wish Tower café and sun lounge, built in memory of those in Eastbourne who suffered during World War Two, were demolished last year when a structural survey revealed it would not be viable to refurbish the building.

There was outrage from supporters of the cafe and local historians who accused the council of not doing enough to protect the building and acting too hastily to pull it down.

Plans were drawn up for a temporary café last year but these were delayed when a third party partner pulled out.

High quality decking is now being installed on the site for the temporary café, which has been given planning permission by councillors who say it is imperative a temporary structure is put up as soon as possible.

The council has opted instead to operate the café using its own in-house team, Devonshire Park Catering.