Advice on breastfeeding through free new app


New mums in Eastbourne can now get information and advice about breastfeeding through their smartphones and iPads following the launch of a free new app.

The app, which has iPhone, iPad and Android versions, has been launched as part of the on-going campaign to encourage and support women to breastfeed and is available to download from iTunes and Google Play. The app is a joint campaign by East Sussex County Council and the local NHS which aims to make sure pregnant woman and new mums are better informed about the facts about breastfeeding and how to get advice and support.

The free new app contains tips and facts on for the first few days, advice from other mums, breastfeeding friendly venues and support groups as well as answers to common breastfeeding questions and tips on expressing and storing breast milk.

Trudy Mills, health commissioner for young people, said, “The decision to breastfeed is a personal one. The app is a new way for pregnant women to get the facts to help make that choice and for new mums to get advice and support if they do decide to breastfeed.

“It complements information and advice midwives and health visitors offer but wherever and whenever women need support for themselves or their baby.”