Advice for Hailsham residents as water supply returns

Water shortage
Water shortage

South East Water has issued advice for residents in Hailsham and surrounding areas, after the water supply was cut off.

Steve Andrews, South East Water Incident Manager, said: “Now the pipeline is repaired we are slowing beginning to re-fill our pipe network.

“We need to fill the water main slowly to ensure we do not put too much pressure on the water mains too soon, we also have a lot of water mains to re-fill.

“This means it will take time to get the taps running as normal again.

“I would once again like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience this emergency incident has caused and thank them for their patience as we work hard to complete repairs for all customers.

“When the water does start returning, customers may find that they still experience low pressure or discolouration, this is harmless and does not pose a danger. This is typically caused by harmless iron deposits from within the main, or the presence of air. We advise customers to run the cold kitchen tap slowly to clear any discoloured water.”

The water main which burst leaving thousands without water in the Hailsham area was repaired this afternoon (May 11).

South East Water’s crews completed the work on the pipe at the Diplock roundabout, which burst at 5am on Sunday. Water supplies should start to be restored to most properties early this evening.

Yesterday the company was able to re-route water around its network of underground pipes to restore supplies to the Eastbourne, Polegate, Pevensey and Sovereign Harbour areas last night.

Mr Andrews, added, “We are sorry for the length of time it took to repair this pipeline.

“When the pipe burst it caused a great deal of flooding – up to waist deep in certain places – and we had to pump this water away before we were able to control the water flow in our network and reach the broken pipe.

“This has been a major incident for us and our priority remains getting water back to our customers as soon as possible.

“We are grateful for the patience shown by the majority of our customers and for the support of volunteers who helped man the water bottle locations and deliver water to residents.”

Bottled water is currently located at Hailsham Leisure Centre, Vicarage Lane, BN27 2AX and South East Water is continuing to deliver water to vulnerable customers registered with the company. Water will be restocked throughout the day.

More information or by calling South East Water on 0333 000 0002.