Activity workshop addresses problems

POLICE officers and youth workers recently teamed up for a special event aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour in part of Eastbourne.

The special activity day to build positive relationships between young people and police officers was held at the Shinewater Sports Centre.

Sergeant Ed Ripley from the Neighbourhood Policing Team said, “The Shinewater Neighbourhood Panel has identified youth-related anti-social behaviour as a priority issue in the Shinewater area of Langney.

“Over the past year we have carried out three operations to identify and target persons responsible for anti-social behaviour in the area.

“This workshop concluded our most recent operation which successfully addressed anti-social behaviour in the most affected areas.”

Funded by the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership, the day was organised to build on the work being done in the area by County Council youth workers and in response to specific concerns raised about anti-social behaviour.

During the activity day young people got involved in a number of workshops including sessions around drugs awareness, illegal weapons, and the impact of anti-social behaviour.

The workshops gave the young people the chance to ask questions freely and discuss concerns with their detached youth worker and with the local police officer.

Sergeant Ripley said, “With the support of the local community we have worked hard to address anti-social behaviour in certain parts of Shinewater.

“Our work with youth workers has been key to tackling this issue and has effectively resolved the problem.

“The workshops really enabled us to positively engage with young people from the area.”

He said the joint work appeared to have achieved success with no reports of anti-social behaviour for more than two weeks in the areas targeted.