Action group aims to stop dog mess problem

Anthony White, from Seaford, is setting up a community group to tackle dog fouling.''Anthony White with Honey and Oliver. 30/5/12.
Anthony White, from Seaford, is setting up a community group to tackle dog fouling.''Anthony White with Honey and Oliver. 30/5/12.

A COMMUNITY group in Seaford is looking to crack down on dog owners who fail to clear up after their pets.

Anthony White is so incensed by hearing stories of people leaving the mess behind on pavements and in parks that he is asking people to join him in trying to quash the problem.

The Maple Fields resident has been to police panel meetings where the community can speak to officers about any issues in the area they live in and Mr White says dog fouling has cropped up several times.

The 39-year-old, who is a councillor – but is organising the campaign as a concerned resident – says the matter has also been raised at council meetings.

Mr White said he found it ‘disrespectful’ for people to leave behind their pet’s mess, adding, “I’ve decided as a resident I’m going to start an action group of volunteers who can get in contact with me to find out where the hot spots are and if there are any particular times they have seen people.

“I’ve heard people moaning about dog fouling and I turned around and said, ‘who’s going to do something about it?’, and they say the dog warden but if she drives around in her van people will know she is there.

“We’re not out there to get a lot of people, it’s the repeat offenders.”

Mr White says the aim of the group is to speak to people who have left their pet’s mess behind, ask them to clear it up and explain to them the anti-social aspects of it.

He is keen to hear from anyone who would like to join the community group or can highlight particular parts of the town that are a problem.

Resident can contact him via email at: and people can remain anonymous and if they wish do not have to have their details passed on within the group.

He added, “I have very strong views on it. It’s shocking to think we live in this day and age in a world with people that are so uncivilised as that.”

In November last year the Seaford resident, who has four dogs, joined forces with councillor Sylvia Dunn in urging people to clean up their act after complaints about dog fouling in Seaford.

In response to that a spokesperson for Lewes District Council said officers from its Animal Control Team routinely patrolled public areas of all its towns to enforce dog fouling laws.

They added, “In Seaford, as well as the streets and parks, we also visit the beach to enforce the dog ban on part of the bathing beach.

“Our patrols are performed by uniformed officers who are authorised to challenge dog owners who do not clear up after their pets and collect evidence for any subsequent legal proceedings.

“The vast majority of dog owners are responsible, but the council will seek to prosecute those few dog owners who do not clear up dog fouling”.

After hearing of the community group they added, “We support this local initiative and will work with this local scheme to target irresponsible owners.”