Above and beyond what is required

Chief Inspector Gary Pike ENGSUS00120131021113820
Chief Inspector Gary Pike ENGSUS00120131021113820

Four teenagers from Hailsham who saved an elderly man’s life joined Sussex Police Officers, staff members, volunteers and other members of the public at a special event.

Attendees were recognised for their bravery, compassion and professionalism at Sussex Police’s East Sussex Divisional Awards ceremony on Monday.

The award winners were commended for going above and beyond the call of duty and for displaying outstanding dedication in protecting their communities and capturing criminals. They were joined by family and friends, HM Lord Lieutenant Peter Field, High Sheriff Christopher Gebbie and Assistant Chief Constable Robin Smith.

It was back in February that the four teenagers were highly commended by both the Wealden police district commander and the principal of Hailsham Community College after their quick actions saved the life of the elderly man.

Dimitri Aitkin, Jay Batchelor, Billy Cleaver and Connor Ward had finished playing rugby for Eastbourne Rugby Club and were waiting to get the bus home. Dimitri then spotted an elderly man across the road in a side street lying on the ground.

The four boys all tended to the man who was bleeding and very confused. One of the boys called 999 whilst the others administered first aid.

They ensured the man stayed still and kept him warm with their own jumpers. They also managed to wave down a passing nurse who verified the situation with the call handler.

All of the boys stayed at the scene and assisted the paramedics on arrival by carrying equipment and supporting the man to the ambulance. It later transpired that the man suffered with Alzheimer’s and was very frail.

Wealden District Commander Chief Inspector Gary Pike said at the time, “I am extremely proud to be able to offer my thanks to these four young lads.

“From speaking to them, they feel slightly embarrassed with the attention as they believe anyone in their position would have done the same thing. However I would like to say that without their quick actions we could have been looking at a very different situation.”