Abandoned Scarlet’s country lane ordeal


ABANDONED dog Scarlet is looking for a new home after being tied up and left in a country lane.

The red Staffordshire bull terrier was found on a remote Hailsham country road in the dark and rain with just a box of treats and a note saying, ‘Please look after my eight-year-old dog’.

Luckily Scarlet was discovered by an animal lover and has since been taken in at the nearby Happy Endings Rescue based in Hailsham.

Chris Johns, co-founder of the rescue charity, said, “Poor Scarlet was left in the dark on a cold and rainy night on an isolated country lane.

“She must have been very bewildered and scared when her owner tied her up to a gate and just drove away leaving her all alone.

“It’s such a sad story. She has been someone’s pet for the past eight years and this is the way she was repaid - being dumped in the street.

“Whoever left the note didn’t even tell us her name.”

Scarlet was covered in scratches and scrapes when she was found but it is not known how she suffered her injuries.

Terry Kemp, co-founder of Happy Endings and a veterinary nurse, said, “Thankfully Scarlet doesn’t seem to have any behavioural scars from being so cruelly abandoned by her owner. She has such a sweet, loving nature.

“She hasn’t put a foot wrong since she arrived at Happy Endings. She is so well behaved and gets on with all the other animals, we are at an absolute loss as to why someone would abandoned such a lovely dog.”

The eight-year-old pooch loves racing around the fields with the other dogs at Happy Endings before curling up for a snooze in front of the fire.

Mr Johns said, “Scarlet has been through so much she really deserves a new owner who she can trust never to abandon her.”

Following Scarlet’s rescue, Mr Kemp has issued advice to anyone struggling to look after their pet.

He said, “If people are struggling to keep their pets for any reason we urge them to contact us as soon as possible as we may be able to give them advice or support.

“No-one should ever leave their dog tied up to a gate in the dark and rain, no matter how desperate they are.”

To find out more about Scarlet and her friends at Happy Endings call Chris Johns on 07809 721309 or Terry Kemp on 07821 318241.

More information about the sanctuary, a 60-acre paddock in Hailsham, can be found at www.happyendingsrescue.org.